The company distinguishes itself!

A leader in the electronic surfaces market and, more specifically, in the manufacturing of membrane keypads, Memtronik is pleased to announce that it was selected for the Innovation award at the CPES2016! The event, which took place at Sheridan College in Toronto last April, was organized to showcase the expertise in research and development in the sector of printed electronics. 

Built on sure values

An innovative pioneer in the field of printed electronic surfaces, Memtronik offers a range of integrated services for industries in the medical, household appliances, automotive and industrial sectors. 

The company also won the Best Business Prize at the CPES2016, which underscored their know-how in the development of integrated printed circuit prototypes combining several functions: sensors, conductive adhesives, controlled LED lighting and use of 3D. These new solutions will enable the company to quickly fill new orders in a highly buoyant market.

A Well-Deserved Award

“It is a real honor to have won this award, which is the culmination of our leading positioning in the industry. We are proud to be established in Canada and thus to contribute to the economy of the country,” concluded company president Stéphane Forget.

Founded in 1994, the family business, which today has more than 100 employees, has managed to remain in the country despite the exodus of manufacturers to Asia at the beginning of the 21st century. 

About the CPEIA

Founded in 2014, the Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association – (CPEIA) is headed by Canadian and international players in the industry, academia and the government. Its mission is to stimulate the growth of the printed electronics industry, an emerging sector of new technologies. 

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