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While appliances serve a primarily utilitarian purpose, their aesthetic is equally important . In order to offer a high-end experience for your customers, Memtronik can develop custom graphic overlays and control panels.

A range of finishing options, including imitation stainless steel or glass, will allow you to give your appliances an exceptionally elegant look. If you want to provide a standout user experience, Memtronik has everything you need and more!

Unbeatable value

Your appliances’ competitive edge is directly linked to the cost of their parts – that’s why our interfaces provide excellent value for what you spend.

Our ability to offer extremely competitive prices is due in large part to our highly automated factory and adhesive printing processes. Beyond offering our customers some of the lowest prices on the market, the speed of our manufacturing is unparalleled, and your interfaces’ traceability is guaranteed.

An appliance’s lifespan is one of the most important purchasing criteria for your customers. To guarantee you are providing the most bang for their buck, a reliable, long-lasting human-machine interface (HMI) is a must.

At Memtronik, all of our research  focuses on high-quality membrane  switches and capacitive switches that are built to last. Our engineers constantly push the limits of our graphic overlay durability, so we can provide solutions that are resistant to chemical products and scratches.

Durability you can count on

Give your appliances the “wow” effect

When people fall in love with a product at first sight, they’re often more likely to make a purchase. And appliances are no different!

Our various backlighting options can give your products the unique touch your customers are looking for. Beyond its aesthetic allure, this feature also facilitates a better user experience. LEDs, electroluminescent panels, fiber optics… our experts can help you choose the best backlighting solution for your needs.

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