North American experts in custom
HMI solutions

Memtronik has been delivering reliable HMI solutions to thousands of satisfied clients for over 25 years. Our membrane switches and capacitive keypads are beyond compare, as is our reputed 360° support service.

Leading-edge custom
human machine interfaces (HMIs)

Praised by the medical, industrial and transport sectors, our Human Machine Interfaces have made their way into a variety of other industries, including the manufacturing of small and large household appliances.  

Reliable membrane switches

Lightweight and easy to install, our membrane switches add value to your products without budget overruns. We offer an array of design options and upgrades, all delivered in record time, allowing you to meet the specific needs of your users.

Manufacturing options


  • Graphic overlay finishes: glossy, anti-reflective, textured, mirror effect, metallic effect, faux stainless steel, and more
  • Lighting: Backlighting, Electroluminescent
  • Wide variety of colours
  • Raised embossed keys
  • Thermochromic or photochromic inks
  • Back panel to simplify the installation process

Sophisticated capacitive keypads

Thanks to their refined design, our easy-to-maintain capacitive keypads offer a unique user experience, enhancing your products so that you can stand out from the competition.

Manufacturing options


Why choose Memtronik for all your HMI needs?

Why choose Memtronik for all your HMI needs?

100% made in
North America

360° support from
R&D to delivery

Temperature, humidity and dust levels control

Fast digital
HMI prototyping

Small & large volume capacity

Memtronik: state-of-the-art HMIs that surpass client expectations

« Considering what is going on around us Memtronik has gone above and beyond. Look forward to doing more business with Memtronik. Thanks again.»

Satisfied customer from the industrial field

« Memtronik is a pleasure to work with! They care about the details of your project and are flexible in meeting even your most aggressive timelines.»


Satisfied customer from the medical field

«Memtronik has been a great, reliable, and expert partner for manufacturing our sensitive electrodes. Their technical understanding has improved our product and facilitated the process of entering to screen printed electrode market.»


Satisfied customer from the medical field

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Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions concerning our human-machine interfaces

What is an HMI?

Human-machine interfaces, or HMIs for short, allow people to operate machines. Memtronik offers two types of interfaces: membrane switches and capacitive keypads.

Our HMIs contain various components and customizable options: graphic overlays, adhesives, backlighting, and more.

Is Memtronik a Canadian company?

Yes. Founded by Stéphane Forget in Montréal in 1994, Memtronik is a pioneer in the field of human-machine interface and printed electronics in Canada.

Are Memtronik’s human-machine interfaces available overseas?

Our interfaces are designed in Canada and can be delivered anywhere in the country or overseas.

Are human-machine interfaces durable?

Memtronik’s human-machine interfaces are extremely reliable even in the harshest conditions. Our membrane switches and capacitive keypads have an extremely long service life, maintaining their efficiency through thousands and even millions of interactions.

Furthermore, Memtronik offers a protection against humidity, scratches, abrasive products, heat, and UV rays.

Is it possible to order HMIs online?

Yes. It is possible to request a quote online. Our team delivers quick service and answers every request within only 48 hours.

Which industries benefit from using Memtronik’s human-machine interfaces?

Our human-machine interfaces are indispensable to various industries, particularly the medical, home appliances, transportation and industrial sectors.

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