Our Philosophy,
Our Values.

We never cease working to improve our ways of doing things.

Innovate. Achieve perfection. Evolve.

Our Mission

Propel our customers to success thanks to our bold and passionate expert’s innovative know-how in electronic printing.


Commitment is a value that is at the heart of our business, where it guides our belief’s and encourages perseverance. Our passion for work motivates us to become a builder of the future.

Team Spirit

At Memtronik we unite the expertise of everyone on the team. Our strength is developed through collaboration, motivation and the ability to leverage the knowledge of each team member.




Welfare, safety, and the environment are to us the origin of respect. They are transmitted by communication, listening and consideration for others. Respect ensures the development and maintenance of a good quality of life, and a healthy work environment for everyone. Thank you to our internal and external partners, you are essential ingredients to the success of Memtronik.


To build lasting relationships, we demonstrate interest, positivism, curiosity and understanding towards the ideas of our partners. Open-mindedness brings an added value that allows us to excel in our daily lives.


For us the definition of integrity is simple. It is to be honest with ourselves and others, therefore combining real with real. It is also to show loyalty and professionalism in all regards. At Memtronik trust is established, which allows us to become a solid team.

Put Us to the Test!

Whether your projects involve printed electronics, graphic overlays, membrane switches or capacitive switches, wprovide you with an evaluation in only 48 hours!


Looking for a Partner?

Leave the design and engineering of your custom projects in the hands of experts. By working alongside Memtronik, you take advantage of our unique expertise and exceptional product quality.