Human-machine interfaces (HMI) personalized for any industry


Every industry has its own unique requirements! In the medical field, human-machine interfaces (HMI) are great for meeting special manufacturing standards to prevent the spread of bacteria. In the industrial  and automotive  sectors, users must be able to operate their equipment under challenging conditions. In the world of household appliances , design is key to delivering a premium consumer experience.

How do you meet all of these requirements while respecting various industry standards? Our design teams have a solution: custom manufacturing!

Why should your industry choose Memtronik?

We understand what you’re up against

Since 1994 , Memtronik has been sharing its expertise with every possible industry. After 25 years of collaboration, we know exactly how to follow the evolution of your professional environment and understand your use cases. Our experience has also shaped our philosophy: the best place to learn is on the ground! Working with our teams means collaborating with experts who speak your language and understand the challenges facing your industry.

The most automated factory in North America

Offering tailored solutions – particularly for the medical industry –in large volumes? A promise like that requires the proper infrastructure! Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, Memtronik has cemented itself as a North American industry leader. We accomplished all of this while remaining a Canadian-based company and preserving local jobs.

Our 4.0 factory sets itself apart with its extremely precise environmental control system. Each parameter, like ventilation and air filtration, is meticulously analyzed. The goal? To prevent dust particles and humidity from circulating, in order to maintain total control over our printing quality during the HMI manufacturing process.

This controlled environment – one of the largest of its kind in North America! – gives us the means to meet all of your needs.

Our experts have mastered every kind of technology

Whether it’s traditional technology like a membrane switch for hospital beds, specialized expertise like backlighting to jazz up your household appliance design, or future-forward processes like printed electronics  to create smart products, our teams can do it all! Their mastery is constantly being fueled by research projects in partnership with universities across the Americas.

The best components for your industry

If your users require high-performance solutions, give them exactly what they need with high-end components. Our engineers  are passionate experts who test the quality of every product!

For example, our printed electronics are equipped with the best substrates and conductive inks on the market. All of our membrane switches comply with the UL 94 standard regarding the flammability of plastic components inside of a device. They also comply with the IP standard, which measures a product’s waterproofing according to NEMA standards.




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