Robust, ergonomic human-machine interfaces (HMI)

Humans and machines frequently work side-by-side in the industrial sector – arguably more than any other discipline. In the age of Industry 4.0, companies have to meet colossal goals, so even the smallest equipment malfunction can lead to a significant shortfall. That’s why it’s so important to have products that are adapted to your needs, depending on the use case and production conditions.

Membrane switch reliability

Memtronik has more than 25 years of experience with human-machine interfaces (HMI). Our most popular product within the industrial sector is the membrane switch, a component with countless proven advantages. As the glue that binds man and machine together, the membrane switch is an essential part of the production chain – especially when there is no room for error. Memtronik takes these challenges into account throughout the product design process.

Our promise: to provide highly versatile equipment that can adapt to any situation.

Gas or metal detection devices, air conditioning or ventilation instruments, agricultural equipment, automated production lines… In an industrial context, membrane switches must adapt to a wide range of applications.

Your measuring devices must also be able to operate in severe conditions. No matter your profession’s specific challenges, our design teams will be able to create a customized solution. Do you want your control panel  to be operable using work gloves, the touch of a finger, or even a stylus? Memtronik can design whatever system you need.

Customized membrane switches for your needs

Outstanding durability

From extreme conditions to constant wear and tear, the life of a membrane switch in the industrial sector is hardly a walk in the park!

There’s no one better than Memtronik – North America’s most highly-automated HMI design company – to understand and meet your needs. Backed by 25 years of experience, our design teams can select the components that are best adapted to the challenges faced by your company.

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