Prototyping: a key step in the development of any new product

When you are developing a new product, whether it’s a custom membrane switch, an innovation that uses printed electronics, or any other human-machine interface (HMI), time is a valuable resource. Your ability to rapidly bring your product to market will determine your competitive advantage.

As a partner in your quest for efficiency, Memtronik can provide lightning-fastprototyping services. Our development process blends quality and simplicity, so you can easily get your concept approved by your team and target users.

Limitless prototyping options!

Whether it’s a conceptual model or an ultra-precise sample that must meet the same standards as your final product, the degree of detail required can vary significantly.

We work hard to meet all of your requirements so you can test your product before sending it to production. Thanks to our digital printing capabilities, combined with our design team’s cutting-edge skills, we are able to provide personalized service for all of our clients

Biosensors, flexible circuits, heating circuits… All of our technologies can be applied to your prototype. If you can dream it, we can do it!

Fast, accurate prototyping

Our research and development  team has implemented a simplified prototyping process. To process your order, whether it’s a membrane switch prototype or a capacitive switch , all we need is:

  • CAD or 3D files
  • Vector files for your illustrations.
  • If you don’t have any, Memtronik offers a vector image creation and 3D modelling service.

As soon as we receive the necessary files, our experts will evaluate and approve your prototype design. No matter the specifics, features, or degree of sophistication, your order will be ready in record time.

From prototyping to large-scale manufacturing

Once your team and target users have approved your prototype, large-scale production can begin. Our factory is one of the most automated and highly-controlled in all of North America, so we can offer our clients unparalleled performance.

Over the last few years, we have invested nearly $10,000,000 in perfecting our production methods. This major upgrade allows us to handle large volumes in record time, and to offer competitive prices for all kinds of orders.

Quote within 48hrs

From very complex challenges to quick little projects, our team can handle it all. Tell us about your product and we’ll get back to you with a game plan in less than two days!

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