New project?

For a limited time only, we cover engineering fees, including 3D modelling.


New project?

For a limited time only, we cover engineering fees, including 3D modelling.

Capacitive touch: a first-class user experience

Capacitive switches are sure to win your customers over, no matter how exacting their standards may be. Their feather-light sensitivity provides an elegant user experience: by making a simple circular motion with your finger, for example, you can adjust the temperature of a stove.

Combined with printed electronics, capacitive switches are also available in many different forms. If you want to provide a bolder design for your customers, this technology offers lots of flexibility when it comes to customization.

Ready to make your vision a reality and create a product that will be all the rage? Our design teams are up for the challenge!

Take your products to the next level with a reliable capacitive technology

Why choose Memtronik to manufacture your capacitive switch keypad?

We advise, you decide!

In addition to producing state-of-the-art solutions, we offer our clients collaboration, knowledge exchange, and partnership! No matter your requirements and creative vision, our experts can help you develop a product that is perfectly adapted to your human-machine interface’s operating conditions (extreme conditions, exposure to chemicals…).We can also save you precious time by suggesting the most appropriate options for your control panel’s environment.

Fast, high-quality manufacturing

At Memtronik, we are constantly working to optimize our production processes, and our focus on performance allows us to deliver your orders in record time. How does it work? In less than 48 hours, our design team will send you a quote for your h  To achieve this goal, we blend our expert know-how with state-of-the-art technology. We have one of the most highly automated production lines in North America!

Endless potential for customization

Whether you’re looking to personalize visual elements of your graphic overlay like embossing, technical specs like actuating force, or options like backlighting  that will make it stand out, our design team can customize absolutely any feature. If you’re feeling creative and want to bring unique products to market with a competitive edge, Memtronik is the ideal partner to guide you through the process.


Fast, simple prototyping

Prototyping is an essential step in the HMI development process. It will allow you to present a concrete version of your product to your collaborators and give you the opportunity to request feedback from your target users. With your unique situation in mind, our experts will do everything they can to quickly produce a prototype of your soon-to-be star product!


Capacitive switch keypad: a sophisticated product that offers outstanding durability!

Capacitive switch keypads provide an exceptional user experience and allow for innovative design – but the advantages don’t stop there.

Capacitive switches are also known for their industry-leading durability. They do not contain any moving pieces, which greatly reduces their risk of malfunctioning and makes for a long-lasting solution.

Lower risk of malfunctioning

Outstanding durability

Resistance to external irritants: humidity, UV rays, chemicals…

The sky’s the limit when it comes to capacitive technology!

  • Electroluminescent panels

    Give your keypad perfectly distributed lighting.

  • Support panel

    Integrate a rigid plate to enhance the user experience and provide a turnkey product.

  • Flexible circuits

    This technology – which was once exclusive to the aerospace industry – unlocks the potential for limitless design options!

  • Backlighting

    This technology will make your capacitive touch panel look incredible!

  • Graphic overlay finishes

    Anything is possible: glossy, anti-reflective, textured, mirror effect, metallic effect, faux stainless steel…

  • Control panel

    Customize your interface for an end result that’s as aesthetic as it is playful.

  • Design materials

    Take your pick: polyester, polycarbonate, glass, antimicrobial materials?

  • Manufacturing options

    Tell us what you need: embossing, thermoforming, thermochromic or photochromic inks, etc.

  • Connector options

    Adapted to your product: male collector, female connector, soldered, or ZIF.

  • Circuit protection

    We can integrate ESD protection and electrical noise filters.

Questions about capacitive switches?

Overlays for capacitive switches

Create a custom overlay for your capacitive switch keypad.

Customized capacitive switches

Tons of options for personalizing your equipment!

Capacitive switch prototypes

Prototyping a product has never been this easy!

Get a quote in less than 48 hours

Request a quote to experience our efficiency and unbeatable prices firsthand!

Get a quote in less than 48 hours

Request a quote to experience our efficiency and unbeatable prices firsthand!

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