Flexible circuits: not just for aerospace anymore!


Flexible circuits were originally intended for advanced industries like aerospace. Why were they used for space travel? Mounted on a thin film, flexible electronic circuits are much lighter than classic printed circuits. Even if they’re twisted or folded, they can adapt to any shape and provide impressive durability.

Want to share these versatile, high-performance printed electronics  with your customers? Our design and engineering teams  offer this state-of-the-art technology at an extremely competitive price!

A wide range of flexible and hybrid electronic circuits

Flex circuits are made of a thin and flexible substrate. They offer impressive freedom of design and nearly unlimited potential for customization.

Memtronik has every type of flexible or hybrid circuit you might need. Our design teams are guaranteed to deliver tailor-made products, from prototyping to large-volume manufacturing.  If you have any questions, our specialized printed electronics engineers will gladly guide you through the decision making process!

Ready to get the most out of flexible circuits?

Thick-film polymer circuits

Thanks to a sophisticated blend of inks and substrates, these multilayer circuits offer high printing density with enhanced accuracy. Our specialized printing process – which we developed in-house – also guarantees optimal durability, even if your device is exposed to extreme conditions.

Flexible copper circuits

Whether they’re single-sided or double-sided with several layers, made of polyamide or polyester, orinclude ENIG plating or screen printing, our printed electronic circuits offer many opportunities for customization so you end up with a product that meets your requirements

Hybrid electronic circuits

This innovative process blends the durability of traditional electronic circuits with the extreme malleability of flexible circuits. This combination allows us to create a particularly resistant solution that is extremely bendable and can adapt to all kinds of shapes.

Printed electronics: the future is in your hands!

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