New product development and design

From the moment you connect with our large-scale manufacturing experts for your new human-machine interface (HMI), sensors, or other printed circuits, Memtronik will provide a streamlined production process.

Beyond exceptional design, your innovations will benefit from our cutting-edge expertise in printed electronics.

Our 6-step product design approach

Step 1: laying the groundwork before development

Our first commitment is to quickly evaluate your needs! More specifically, we will define the nature of our collaboration. During this preliminary phase, we will sign a confidentiality agreement that protects your concept.

Step 2: defining your product’s development plan

This will be the time to address your needs in detail. Our Product Development team will analyze your product’s objectives and industry-related challenges . Once we have mastered the requirements of your human-machine interface (HMI) or membrane switch, we will determine the areas in which our engineers can contribute, like researching the most suitable raw materials. We will then be able to evaluate how to reduce your production costs while optimizing quality.

Step 3: signing the contract and kicking off the development process

After creating a scope statement, our engineering experts will submit their proposal. Whether you’re looking to manufacture custom membrane switches  or place an order that incorporates the latest advancements in printed electronics , this proposal will summarize the costs and delivery terms for your project. A detailed calendar will allow you to visualize the different steps of the process. Once the proposal is approved, we can sign the contract.

Step 4: approving the drawings and product design

During this phase, we put theory into practice! Together, we will approve the proposed components before placing the orders, as well as the 3D product drawings. Our Research and Development  division will explain all of the details regarding the materials that will be used to manufacture your solution. This will be the time to discuss last-minute details before finalizing the production schedule!

Step 5: prototyping your innovation

It’s the moment your teams have been waiting for: launching your prototype. During this step, the materials used to manufacture your product will have to meet the highest possible standards: the quality of each component will be put to the test by our design team. We guarantee your prototype will be produced and delivered quickly so you can present it to your team and potential users.

Step 6: large-scale manufacturing

Are there any final adjustments to be made to maximize your new product’s innovative potential? Our Product Development team can promise you this: they will do everything in their power to deliver the best possible solution.

Once you give us the green light, we will begin the large-scale manufacturing process with the help of our highly automated and meticulously controlled factory. During this final step, manufacturing conditions will be subject to strict quality control.

Quote within 48hrs

From very complex challenges to quick little projects, our team can handle it all. Tell us about your product and we’ll get back to you with a game plan in less than two days!

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