Impeccably designed high-performance control panels

It’s no secret that certain industries put their equipment through harsh conditions. The industrial and transportation sectors, among others, rely on robust control panels to keep their operation running. Memtronik’s team of engineers can design control panels that meet specific requirements and aesthetic needs, regardless of your industry. Offer your clients durable and visually attractive products that can withstand even the most challenging environment thanks to our unparalleled expertise. 

Custom-made control panels

Do you have specific needs that require specialized solutions? Thanks to its 360° expertise, Memtronik can accompany clients from the development process all the way to completion, ensuring that each product meets their requirements.

One thing is sure, our proven approach delivers results that satisfy your demands while meeting the expectations of users worldwide.

Advice you can trust

Our in-depth knowledge and expertise allow us to create high-quality control panels that are durable, practical, and robust.

Our engineering team will present you with options and guide you through the development process while providing expert advice on which materials work best. The end result is a membrane or capacitive keypad that lives up to expectations. 

Provide user-friendly solutions

Effective control panels should create a natural connection between human and machine. To achieve this goal, your equipment needs to be intuitive and straightforward.

At Memtronik, we not only prioritize the development of user-friendly products but also assist you through the process, proposing solutions that can streamline and enhance your HMIs.

360° technical expertise you can count on!

  • Backlighting

    Create unique products and enhance the user experience.

  • Back plate

    Learn how this type of support facilitates installation.

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