For many companies, when it comes to choosing a manufacturer for your projects, eco-responsibility is a very important criterion.

Whether it is in terms of infrastructure, production, processes, or supply methods, which measures does your potential partner take to reduce the environmental impact of their operations? Compare their practices with these criteria and examples of the green tactics we have put in place at Memtronik.

Does your potential partner have green infrastructures?

Supply and renewable energy

When it comes to energy, what is the manufacturer’s ecological footprint? Where does their electricity come from, and what energy conservation methods are put in place?

For example, at Memtronik, we are proud to use hydroelectricity to power our factory and our offices with green energy. And we don’t stop there!

Eco-efficient lighting

With the recent relocation of our factory, we opted for LED lighting which is known for its optimal performance. This change allowed us to significantly reduce our electricity consumption. One more step towards even more sustainable infrastructures!

Is their eco-responsible approach reflected in all their processes?

Waste reduction

To avoid this waste, we use a printed water-based glue that reduces the amount of waste generated in our production of membrane keyboards and graphic overlays – without compromising the efficiency of our work!

Elimination of paper

Do your potential manufacturers have a zero-paper policy like we do? Each of our plans and the various steps of production are computerized – from design to manufacturing – and they have a minimal ecological imprint, mostly due to the possibilities available with 3D modelling and our tactile screen workstations.

Conformity to environmental standards

How do your potential partners respond to these standards?

At Memtronik, for example, we make a point of respecting the RoHS directive for all products. This measure limits the concentration of certain dangerous – and pollutant! – substances in electrical and electronic products, like lead, cadmium, mercury, and hexavalent chromium.

We also respect the European guideline REACH, which regulates the use of hazardous chemicals to protect the health of human beings and the environment. This is the starting point from which we choose to innovate!

Reduction of ecological imprint related to transport

When it comes to supply, ecological imprint is an important issue. This is one of the reasons why we use certain raw materials in our production from a Quebec supplier, thereby reducing the environmental impact by storing large quantities and limiting the number of transports. Another benefit of working with a North American manufacturer of printed electronics and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI).

The same goes for our supply of certain equipment parts. When we can’t turn to local partners for supply, we take advantage of our 3D printers to create parts ourselves that allow us to optimize our machines. Resourcefulness and ecology!

Innovation: the power behind our eco-responsibility

Our ecological approach is not limited to our factory: we also encourage our teams to carpool and to use electric modes of transportation since we have charging stations for electric vehicles on our site, free for our employees and visitors!

And for the future? Our strategic decisions are guided by a continued desire to improve our processes and build upon our eco-responsible practices. Two fundamental criteria for Memtronik!

To see how your project can benefit from eco-friendly measures, ask for a quote!