In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift toward North American manufacturing, and with good reason. North American manufacturers such as Memtronik are among the most respected in the field, offering exceptional, cost-effective products with competitive lead times.

First-class manufacturing

Since its inception, Memtronik has acquired unique expertise in the manufacturing of HMIs and printed electronics. By surrounding ourselves with trustworthy suppliers, we’re able to track each component and thus guarantee its quality. This is in sharp contrast to offshore manufacturers who often buy in bulk, a business practice that can seriously impact traceability and quality assurance,

Moreover, North American companies must adhere to strict standards by following rigorous protocols, thereby ensuring product quality. This definitely weighs in the balance, as each country has its own regulations, some of which may not be up to par from a North American or European standpoint.

Simplified logistics

By working with Memtronik, you benefit from simplified logistics and communication channels, which saves you time and money. Our point of contact is there to answer all your questions in a timely fashion and ensure that your needs are met, regardless of their particularities. Thanks to our long-standing relationship with our suppliers, we’re also better equipped to deal with procurement and delivery issues. Last but not least, Memtronik offers 360° services that range from expert engineering advice to R&D solutions to better support you throughout your project.

Fast turnarounds

The idea that Asia-Pacific manufacturing companies have better turnaround times is mostly a myth. Memtronik provides you with a quote within 48 h, allowing you to move forward with your project without further delay. What’s more, our digital prototyping service and state-of the-art facility not only enable us to shorten lead time but also meet high-volume demands, all without compromising on quality. What you get is reliable, quality products that are manufactured on time and within budget.

In short, Memtronik offers more than just high-quality products within deadline, we provide peace of mind. Ready to take the leap? Request a quote and take your manufacturing partnership to the next level.