Team up with the best!

What separates Memtronik from the rest is the expertise of its people. Our specialists are true artisans of their profession. Their extensive know-how ensures delivery of your mass productions. It is a challenge that they meet with excellence, time and time again!

Production Chain Experts


Our colorists are artists who juggle different colors to create the most beautiful interfaces.


Our operators of automated lines are trained specialists who have a keen eye for detail. Nothing escapes the scrutiny of their expertise.

The Presses

Our press operators are very highly qualified and their many years of experience accelerate delivery of your projects. Our silkscreen specialists have mastered the art of printing on silk to provide you with the highest quality finish.


Our nimble-fingered assemblers are second to none for rigorous precision. Highly qualified, they can guarantee a flawless finish and a job well done time and time again!

Specialists in the Design of Printed Circuits


Our engineers work tirelessly to ensure the ongoing improvement and optimization of our manufacturing process.

Information Technology

Our information technology professionals ensure the proper functioning of the computer hardware and integrated systems. Through the use of advanced software and computer systems, they provide valuable support to our clients.


Our designers are masters of the custom-made! They work tirelessly to create products made to your specifications. In addition to calibrating, they ensure the perfect integration of all production stages.

Quality control

If there’s one thing we never, ever skimp on at Memtronik, it’s the quality of our work. From design to delivery, we take great pride in creating products of exceptional quality and ensuring consistency from one order to the next.

A Stimulating Career

Our employees are both craftsmen and specialists. If you love work that is well done in a highly entrepreneurial environment, you will feel right at home at Memtronik!

Put Us to the Test!

Whether your projects involve printed electronics, graphic overlays, membrane switches or capacitive switches, wprovide you with an evaluation in only 48 hours!

Looking for a Partner?

Leave the design and engineering of your custom projects in the hands of experts. By working alongside Memtronik, you take advantage of our unique expertise and exceptional product quality.