The best-equipped factory to manufacture medical interfaces

Our high-tech factories rely on an extremely precise work environmental control system. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and air filtration are all closely controlled to avoid dust particles, odours, and humidity from circulating. This allows us to achieve optimal printing quality during the component manufacturing process.

The ideal combination of efficiency and user safety

In the world of medicine, it would be unthinkable to lose even a second of precious time to an equipment malfunction – your patients’ health depends on it. Working in the medical field is an incredibly demanding job, so users need to be able to rely on their equipment no matter what.

With this context in mind, Memtronik has developed human-machine interfaces (HMI) specially designed to be used for medical applications. Our products, including membrane switches, capacitive switches, and printed electronics , are built using reliable technology that can meet the medical field’s unique demands. Whether they are integrated into a state-of-the-art wearable monitor, a hospital bed, or a defibrillator, you can count on our products in any and all circumstances!

Our highly ergonomic HMI are designed to help specialists complete tasks as quickly as possible. But that’s not all! Given that patients also operate certain medical equipment, like hospital bed controls, the user experience needs to be simple and intuitive.

All of our products are designed with these factors in mind. One of our engineers’ main goals is to develop products that anyone can use, no matter their physical state or level of technological literacy.

Exceptional ease‑of‑use

Products that pass the test – every time

Constant movement, frequent cleanings, continuous use: a day in the life of a medical device is anything but boring. Your equipment needs to hold up against constant wear, while providing an interface that can safely be used by multiple people.

To meet these strict requirements, we select components that are known for their durability. Our membrane switches respect IP regulations and are completely waterproof. Before they hit the market, they also undergo rigorous flammability testing (UL 94 standard).

On top of these extremely stringent safety standards, our control panels can also be manufactured using antibacterial polyester. This material is particularly effective at preventing the spread of bacteria, dust, and moisture.

On the forefront of future developments

Printed electronics and smart objects promise nothing less than a small revolution for the medical industry. An increased reliance on data has paved the way for a completely different industry to emerge. Memtronik always has an ear to the ground, and is working on research projects with various American universities.

The expertise of our design team engineers, our state-of-the-art electronic circuit printing equipment, and our highly-controlled manufacturing environment make us the ideal partner for a successful innovative project. Contact us and tell us all about your next big idea.

The unparalleled reliability of the membrane switch

Membrane switches recently celebrated 40 years of use in the medical field. They have decades of proven reliability under their belt, and we are constantly going back to the drawing board to improve even further!

Our custom membrane switches have many advantages: for example, they are manufactured with no moving parts, which reduces the risk of breakdown and offers more reliability than other options.

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