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At Memtronik, we assist you throughout the process of developing and manufacturing your control interface, sensors and any other printed electronic circuit.

We deliver more than a product, we provide you with an experience!

Memtronik boasts over 30 years of expertise with more than 500 international clients, for a total exceeding 1000 projects per year, all carried out in record time.

As you can see, our dedication and commitment to quality has led us to where we are today.

How are we able to sustain such a high production rate? By taking advantage of our fully automated, 26,000-square-foot factory, which meets the highest industry standards.

Whether it air quality, humidity levels or operating temperatures, our controlled production environment ensures maximum efficiency.

 From ground-breaking engineering to product delivery, our highly qualified and passionate team of experts provides clients with 360° support that’s tailored to the intricate needs of each project.

Our 3D prototyping service also enables clients to pre-visualize their final product, giving them complete control over the conception and design processes.

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Whether your projects involve printed electronics, graphic overlays, membrane switches or capacitive switches, wprovide you with an evaluation in only 48 hours!

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Leave the design and engineering of your custom projects in the hands of experts. By working alongside Memtronik, you take advantage of our unique expertise and exceptional product quality.