Human-machine interfaces (HMI) that can go the distance

Agricultural machinery, ambulances, construction equipment, trains… Vehicle types may vary, but their journeys are equally demanding! Under these conditions, having impact-resistant equipment is essential.

Our engineers subject all of our products – membrane switches and capacitive switches– to rigorous resistance tests. Our goal: to provide you with equipment that exceeds industry standards!

Exceptional versatility

From integrated settings for airplane seats to control panels for metro cars, our human-machine interfaces (HMI) are built to perform in a number of different situations.

Our products can operate in the most extreme climate conditions, resist all kinds of wear and tear, and be customized to reflect your brand. No matter your technical and aesthetic needs, we can provide a personalized solution.

The only user interface factory of its kind in North America

Our high-end manufacturing setup relies on an extremely precise work environment control system. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and air filtration are all closely controlled to avoid dust particles, odours, and humidity from circulating. This allows us to achieve optimal printing quality during the component manufacturing process.

We are able to produce large volumes of control panels thanks to this controlled environment. In fact, our facility is the largest manufacturing space of its kind in North America! Contact us to learn more about our production standards.

From membrane to capacitive switches: a wide range of products

Depending on the use case, certain products are a better fit than others. For example, our capacitive switches will meet all of your high-precision needs, while our membrane switches can offer durability and reliability no matter the application.

Looking for the best possible solution for your needs? Our experts would be delighted to guide you trough the decision-making process.

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