Membrane switches/Capacitive switches

Our keypads offer unparalleled flexibility with an exceptionally slim profile.

Your clients are looking for HMI interfaces that are both attractive and practical, so offer them the best with our capacitive and membrane switch keypads: affordable, lightweight, and easy to install wherever you need them.

Our design and engineering teams will work with you, for you, to choose the best materials for a seamless integration!

Receive a quote in 48 hours

Raise the bar with ultra-reliable keyboards

  • Reduced time to market: see what we can do!
  • Fully customized HMI interface/HMI panel according to your needs
  • Conforms to UL94, NEMA, and IP standards
  • Nearly unlimited design options
  • High-volume production
  • Low-maintenance

HMI panels that are durable, no matter what your environment

Prolonged exposure to humidity

Highly resistant to scratches, chemical products, and vibrations

Superior sealing and lifespan

We provide our clients with the slimmest keypads on the market for any shapes and esthetic surfaces.

Here is a snapshot of what we can do. Contact our design and engineering team so we can learn more about your specific needs.

  • Tactile keypads
  • Non-tactile keypads
  • Capacitive switches
  • All sizes and configurations are available
  • Possibility to integrate 7-segment displays directly inside the keyboard, allowing you to place the PCB anywhere within the housing
  • Choice of finishes: glossy, antireflective, or textured
  • Different materials: polyester, acrylic, polycarbonate, glass, etc.
  • Assembly of SMD electronic components
  • Male, female, solder tabs, and ZIF connectors
  • ESD / EMI / RFI protection

Printed glue for peak performance

By developing a process that allows us to print adhesives and spacers directly onto rolls, we can deliver products of superior quality at an unbeatable price (prices that were previously only an option if you outsourced your manufacturing to other countries!). There are many different types of adhesives and spacers available to help your circuits and sensors integrate perfectly with your adhesion surface, while adhering to environmental standards.

Standout with backlighting

Backlighting is a great way to impress! Just like embossing, it can enhance ease-of-use without altering your original design.

There are a few options available for those looking to backlight their products.

LED lighting: bright and uniform


Optical fibers

Our membrane keyboards can be used for a variety of commercial applications:

  • Appliances (dishwasher, oven, refrigerator)
  • Medical equipment (hospital beds, measuring instruments)
  • Detection and security systems (metal detectors, safes)
  • Aeronautics (control systems, motion detectors)
  • Military (geolocation devices)
  • Transportation (control systems, door locking mechanisms)
  • Instrumentation / control (gas-measuring analyzers)
  • Telecommunications (radio frequency devices)
  • Industrial (manufacturing equipment control)
  • Commercial (vending machines)

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