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How does the resistive touch screen work?

The resistive touch screen is composed of two layers, separated by small insulating pads, through which an electric current is passed. The addition of a layer of metal oxide makes it a driving force. Putting pressure on a specific point of the screen allows the surface in flexible plastic to come into contact with the glass screen, resulting in a variation of the electrical fields of the two sides. The position of the finger is calculated as a function of this variation.

How does the capacitive touch screen work?

Unlike the touch screens that use resistive technology, the capacitive touch screen is covered with a layer of rigid glass. When the user touches the surface with his finger or with a stylus, he recovers a portion of the charge running through the slab. The position of the finger is then calculated based on the leak in the charge.


Touch screens are not only used in the manufacture of smartphones and tablets, they are also found in the public arena.

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