Printed electronics

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Memtronik are unique in their ability to print electronic circuits on a wide variety of previously inaccessible substrates. There are an increasing number of commercial applications available on the market.

Our engineering and research and development team can guide you through the process of bringing your printed electronics projects to life, from packaging to smart clothing including IoT. 

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Printed electronics offer many advantages:

  • Less expensive than traditional electronic component development processes
  • Possibility to print on large surfaces
  • Unlimited potential for customization
  • Use of transparent, flexible, or elastic substrates
  • Environmentally-friendly production process
  • Roll printing

Printed glue for peak performance

By developing a process that allows us to print adhesives and spacers directly onto rolls, we can deliver products of superior quality at an unbeatable price (prices that were previously only an option if you outsourced your manufacturing to other countries!). There are many different types of adhesives and spacers available to help your circuits and sensors integrate perfectly with your adhesion surface, while adhering to environmental standards.

Here is a snapshot of the main commercial applications being developed by our engineering team. Our technical our savvy doesn’t stop there: if you can dream it, we can make it happen!

  • Heated elements (clothing, floors, etc.)
  • Smart packaging (medical, food, etc.)
  • Smart clothing (circuits integrated into clothing items)
  • Sensors (biometrics, pressure, ECG, etc.)
  • Antenna (wide range of frequencies)
  • Projected capacitive touch screens (glossy, antireflective, multi-touch, etc.)
  • Resistive screens (glossy, antireflective, 4 / 5 / 8 wires, etc.)

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Custom graphic overlay, membrane switch/capacitive switch, touch screens or printed electronics like FSR, biosensors, heaters and more! No matter the project, you will have a quote in-hand within 48 hours!

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