Graphic overlays

Give your devices an elegant and highly professional look. Memtronik develops ergonomic graphic overlays that are resilient and come with an impeccable finish.

Combine aesthetics and sustainability

Membrane switches

Hub keypad devices


Offer your users a pleasant user-friendly experience while enhancing your brand image.

Silkscreen is the preferred printing method of our graphic overlays. We make it a point to print on the back of a polyester or a transparent polycarbonate in order to protect the colors against scratches and the wear of time.


Embossing the graphic overlays makes it possible to integrate tactile domes, to create space for mechanical push buttons, and to serve as tactile marks


For a sustainable finish, we look for a maximum adherence. Our experts analyze the texture of your hardware and choose the best adhesives for you.


At Memtronik, your graphic overlays are always custom designed according to your specifications: texture, printing, backlight, finish… Nothing is impossible!