Customise your capacitive touch interface

Want to add a touch of elegance to your human-machine interface (HMI) while enhancing the user experience? A capacitive touch panel, which can be activated by a simple tap, is the technology you’re looking for!

What are the advantages? For one, the potential for customization is endless. Our design and engineering teams  can bring your creative vision to life, down to the last detail.

When designing your custom capacitive touch panel, you should think about…

  • The possibility of adding backlighting
  • The desired sensitivity
  • The possibility of adding circular selectors
  • The interface design
  • The number of keys and their purpose
  • The type of connector required
  • The specifics of the environment in which it will be used

Questions to ask when designing the perfect custom capacitive touch panel

Who will be using your product?

A capacitive membrane switch can be used anywhere! In the industrial sector, this solution might be appreciated for its durability and the fact that it can be used with a stylus. When used in household appliance design, its modern, high-end look is sure to draw customers in. No matter the industry, its touch-activated technology will offer a sophisticated user experience for your customers. Capacitive switch keypads are known for their ease-of-use when it comes to navigating menus with a long list of options.

What kind of user experience do you want to provide?

Are your users professionals or laymen? Someone who is looking for a household appliance will not necessarily have the same expectations as a nurse in the medical field. In the former situation, you would want to go with an elegant capacitive touch sensor geared towards user-friendliness. For the latter group, a solution that is durable and can withstand frequent cleanings would be best. Modern, elegant, efficient, or playful: as long as the technology meets your customers’ needs, you can choose whichever style you like best!

How do capacitive touch panels work?

Capacitive switches are made using a tactile circuit with printed electrodes. The pressure exerted by a finger that touches the electric field activates the functions associated with each key. We can also adjust the sensitivity of the electrodes in a number of ways: audio notifications, response times, detection distances, and more.

Those are the basics of operating a capacitive switch – the rest is up to your imagination, and your vision for personalization!

What kinds of options can you add to a capacitive switch?

This technology is perfectly compatible with backlighting: by integrating LEDs, you can create a colourful lighting effect for your HMI. This option can emit perfectly uniform lighting across the entire surface or in certain predetermined areas.

Use your imagination to customize your capacitive touch panel!

  • Backlighting

    This technology will make your capacitive touch panel look incredible!

  • Graphic overlay finishes

    Anything is possible: glossy, anti-reflective, textured, mirror effect, metallic effect, faux stainless steel…

  • Control panel

    Customize your interface for an end result that’s as aesthetic as it is playful.


  • Design materials

    Take your pick: polyester, acrylic, polycarbonate, silicone, antimicrobial materials?

  • Connector options

    Adapted to your product: male collector, female connector, soldered, or ZIF.

  • Support panel

    Integrate a rigid plate to enhance the user experience and provide a turnkey product.

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