A membrane switch prototype in just a few clicks


To get started on manufacturing your prototype, all you need to do is send us your drawings, and our engineers and experts will give them a look. For mechanical drawings, it’s best to use .DWG and .DXF formats. For illustrations, send us a vector file (if you don’t have one on hand, don’t worry – we also offer vector image creation services).

No matter if they’re preliminary or complete, your drawings will serve as a jump-off point for our design and manufacturing team. We will get back to you with a quote in record time.

A prototype is the best way to optimize your interface

  • Share a concrete version of your concept with your team
  • Get a fully tailored interface
  • Verify the design and quality of materials
  • Verify the aesthetics, including the colour and illustration rendering
  • Test the efficiency of your icon system and interface
  • Verify the size and thickness of your keyboard
  • Present a prototype to target users

Fully customize your membrane switch prototype and design

  • Backlighting

    Add another dimension to your membrane switch with LEDs or fiber optics.

  • Electroluminescent panel

    The gold standard in lighting: perfect distribution!

  • Support plate

    Integrate a rigid plate behind your keyboard using aluminum, polycarbonate, or acrylic.

  • Flexible circuits

    The flexibility of printed circuits means they can be installed on a curved surface.

  • Graphic overlay finishes

    Anything is possible: glossy, anti-reflective, textured, mirror effect, metallic effect, faux stainless steel…

  • Design materials

    For interior or exterior use. Do you require antimicrobial materials?

  • Manufacturing options

    Take your pick: colours, raised embossed keys, thermochromic or photochromic inks, etc.

  • Connector options

    Adapted according to your product: male connector, female connector, soldered, or ZIF.

  • Circuit protection

    We are able to ingrate ESD, EMI, and RFI protection.

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