Welcome to the age of printed electronics


What do clothing and certain medical devices have in common? Printed electronics can transform all of them into “smart” items!

Want to offer this technology to your clients? Component quality is extremely important when you’re dealing with such an advanced domain. That’s why our design teams select the very best materials to “smarten up” your products!

Printed electronics: a solution for every product!

Why choose Memtronik for your printed electronics needs?

Constantly striving for excellence

Thanks to a wide range of substrates, conductive inks, and components, our design team has the largest variety of products on the market. With the help of sophisticated silkscreen printing, we can combine all of these materials according to your needs and bring your vision to life. Our promise is to create tailor-made solutions using top-of-the-line components.

Memtronik is a leader in innovation

Printed electronics are constantly evolving, with each new product more impressive than the next. If you want to offer your clients the most advanced solutions, you will need a supplier that’s always on top of industry trends – like Memtronik! Backed by strong partnerships with research labs, our engineering teams directly contribute to all the latest innovations in printed electronics. Partnering with us means you’ll always have one foot in the future!

High-quality large scale production

Creating state-of-the-art solutions is great. But producing them in industrial quantities is on a whole other level! Printed electronics require a complex manufacturing process, so your supplier must have the necessary infrastructure to handle all of your orders.

Thanks to our newly-built factory, we have significantly increased our production capacity! Not only that, but we also have one of the most highly-automated production lines in North America. This technological investment has allowed us to fulfill large volumes of orders in record time!

The magic of printed electronics

Whether it’s for a heated jacket or a force platform, printed electronics can adapt to any shape or product.

What’s the secret behind the magic? Our circuits are created using stretchable substrates that are known for their unparalleled flexibility, lightness, and versatility.  Memtronik offers a wide variety of solutions, such as our hybrid flexible circuits, which combine the latest advancements in printed electronics with the durability of traditional circuits.

Endless versatility

Best performance on the market

Highly innovative solutions

Smart components that make magic happen!

  • Flexible circuits

    Choose a technology that was originally intended for theaerospace industry!

  • Biosensors

    Collect all of the data the human body has to offer for medical and sports-related purposes.

Have questions about printed electronics?

How can printed electronics offer so much flexibility?

Discover our circuits’ incredible adaptability .

Heating circuits: how do they work?

If you want to learn more about this state-of-the-art technology, you’ve come to the right place!


How is smart clothing made?

Discover the secrets of smart clothing design!

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