Welcome to the age of flexible heating circuits


Want to offer your customers smart clothing  that will keep them warm on a chilly day, or equip your vehicles with seats that provide consistent, evenly-distributed heat? No matter your industry, flexible heating circuits are the best option for nearly any application.

We work with many collaborators from universities and research organizations that complement our printed electronics  expertise. Choosing Memtronik means guaranteeing you’ll be equipped with the latest innovations, and always be able to offer an optimal experience for your customers.

Keep your customers warm with flexible heating circuits

Mastering this technology requires unparalleled control of various processes for printing heating elements onto flexible materials. We can combine a full range of positive temperature coefficient (PTC) conductive inks with flexible substrates such as polyester (PET) or polyimide (PI).

Having mastered the art of integrating these components, our design and engineering teams  can manufacture flexible heating circuits that follow very specific parameters. Do you have technically advanced requirements? Put us to the test!

The advantages of flexible heating circuits

Flexible heating circuits offer advantages you can’t find with traditional processes. Adopting this printed electronics technology means providing your customers with modern products that will set you apart from the competition!

Our processes use ink with a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) that allows the heating circuit to regulate its own temperature without any external input.

How does it work? When the desired temperature is attained, the electric current decreases… then increases once again when the temperature drops. With this mechanism, there is no risk of overheating. No external input is required – your product will regulate itself!

Temperature self-regulation

A reliable, high-performance process

Our flexible heating circuits provide even, continuous warmth that can reach up to 105°C.

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