Printed electronics are one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With close to 30 years of experience in this field, Memtronik has seen its share of innovations, helping countless clients navigate these technological advancements and use them to their advantage. In this article, we’ll take a look at how pharmaceutical companies can benefit from modern printed electronics.

An effective approach to inventory management

Through smart labels affixed to packaging, pharmaceutical companies are able to track and manage complex supply chains, avoiding inventory shortages through efficient production planning, thus enhancing their revenues.

Secret weapons in the fight against counterfeit medicines and packaging

Printed electronics can also be used to minimize counterfeit drugs by enabling end-to-end tracing and tracking, thus securing the chain of custody. By tracking pharmaceuticals throughout transportation, it’s possible to avoid product tampering and facilitate authentication.

Cost-effective solutions against temperature excursion

As we all know, a good number of medications and vaccines must be stored at a specific temperature; otherwise, they may become unusable or even pose a threat to consumer health. Thanks to smart labels, which can be equipped with temperature sensors, supply chain actors are able to confirm that temperatures have remained stable throughout transportation, avoiding costly losses caused by temperature excursion.

Added value that promotes patient adherence

Smart packaging and labels can even be designed to improve patient adherence and allow researchers to monitor intake. Indeed, state-of-the-art containers that remind patients when to take and refill their medication could soon replace your run-of-the-mill pill organizer.

In short, printed electronics add value to pharmaceutical products by increasing safety and revenues, but they also offer a wide range of solutions for various other industries, such as the food and medical sectors. The possibilities are truly endless.

Memtronik: accurate, reliable and innovative printed electronics

Memtronik relies on a highly skilled engineering team to develop and produce high-end printed electronics that can enhance any smart component, including tracking and temperature monitoring systems. From flex circuits to hybrid electronics, Memtronik has the expertise to develop custom printed electronics that can be used to produce IoT devices that meet the specific needs of your industry. Do you have a groundbreaking project in mind? Contact our team and stay on top of the competition.