Biosensors have shown massive growth in the past few years. They offer the promise of ultrasensitive, cost-effective and early detection tools that can be mass-produced when needed. Who wouldn’t want that, right? The problem is, when there’s so much demand, people tend to cut corners, compromising on quality and standards. At Memtronik, we’ve had many clients tell us that they were disappointed by the bulk online purchases they’ve made in the past, realizing too late that their order was too generic and didn’t answer their specific needs.

Unfortunately, this comes as no surprise to us. If there is one thing that the pandemic has shown, it is the important role of a biosensor in providing rapid and accurate testing results. We understand that you need a product that is designed and manufactured at the utmost quality for it to work. That’s why Memtronik focuses on custom printed electronics production that caters to the highest standards.

Quality without compromise

Integrating biosensor techniques into approaches of body fluid sampling does not come without its challenges. This technology is getting more and more precise by the day, to a point where accuracy is considered essential. If you decide to compromise on quality for a better price or quicker turnaround, chances are the accuracy of your product will be negatively affected. In a world where users need to trust the device, is that something you are willing to risk?

The manufacturing environment matters

Improvements in biosensor technology are made possible due to the different technological advancements that were made over time. Aware of this, Memtronik has invested in an ultra-modern factory to manufacture its biosensors. It is equipped with a highly precise system that controls temperature, humidity, and dust levels, enabling us to meet the strictest standards and provide quality that goes beyond our client’s expectations.

Prototyping is key

You are on a tight schedule and need to act fast? No problem. However, it doesn’t mean that we need to rush the design process to get it done on time. Memtronik offers a 3D digital prototyping service that works wonders and comes in really handy when on a deadline. It’s a fast and accurate way for your team to preview the printed ink layout of the biosensor’s design before launching its production.

The future looks bright

We have a good feeling that the use of advanced sensing techniques will extend its reach on a wider scale and into brand new markets. Our printing expertise, combined with our design team’s cutting-edge skills, enables us to provide personalized service to all clients and deliver exactly what they had in mind.

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