Benefit from three advanced technologies to optimize your small-scale production of human-machine interfaces (HMI). This strategy is particularly useful in the development phase when testing product performance to avoid errors, setbacks and additional costs.

1. 3D modeling for an accurate overview

Why create a 3D model prototype? A 3D model facilitates the design of your HMI interface and minimizes the margin of error. For low-volume production, this step provides a realistic overview of your project and allows you to confirm that your keypad integrates seamlessly with your digital design.

At Memtronik, 3D modeling is performed using SolidWorks. This solution allows our experts to deliver files (in .step format) that are compatible with our customers’ existing three-dimensional plans. Using this software, we can also create an animation to preview the product from all angles.

3D modeling saves time during the production process by allowing you to confirm or adjust the measurements of your HMI interface without having to go back to the drawing board after manufacturing an unsatisfactory prototype. 

2. 3D printing to test your design

As a general rule, a 3D printed prototype is faster and less costly to produce than a physical model. 3D printing your support plate allows you to verify that the format of the membrane switch keypad or capacitive switch keypad is suitable for your project, preventing delays associated with unavailable materials or machined parts.

In addition, 3D printing helps accelerate the marketing of your products and optimizes costs. For example, you could mount a prototype on the product’s plastic panel before molding the part.

Our customers have seen first-hand how 3D printers are a valuable resource in product development and testing, thanks to the following features:

  • Prototyping
  • Tool manufacturing
  • Test jigs

3. Collaboration and co-development with Altium Designer

Altium Designer makes co-development with your engineering team seamless! Among its many benefits, this electronic design software enables the integration of our HMI interface files into any project plans as if it were a standard printed circuit board (PCB).

Your engineers can work with familiar files in a digital environment they already master. They can work online, test circuits and simultaneously share data with our experts. Efficiency upleveled!

Your production capacity is not an obstacle to your growth!

Whether you are a startup, an SME, a company in the healthcare sector or in any other sector that benefits from capacitive or membrane switch keypads, we are always ready to support you in your small, medium or large-volume production.

Regardless of the production volume of your HMI interfaces, get the most out of them with these three cutting-edge technologies and our expert support. Our expertise and ultra-modern factory allow us to offer you a turnkey service, including design, prototyping, production and scaling, as well as everything in between.

Contact our team to discuss how we can help optimize your low-volume production.