This is the beginning of a new technological era for Memtronik, which recently relocated its operations in a factory even more modern than the previous one. As leaders in the adoption of innovative technologies, we have been able to acquire unique and never-before-seen infrastructures thanks to an investment of close to $10 million!

As pioneers in printed electronics in Canada and manufacturers of membrane switches that rank among the most efficient in the world, Memtronik maintains an above-average production rate with an unprecedented level of precision. The new factory is now equipped with a highly precise system that controls temperature, humidity and dust levels, so we can continue to meet even the most stringent standards and exceed our client’s expectations.

Established in 1994, Memtronik has made a name for itself thanks to its customized support and unparalleled expertise, in a market then dominated by China, Mexico and India. With this new work environment and sophisticated equipment, the company strengthens its role as a major and highly competitive international player.

Keeping our production in Quebec has proved a great advantage for Memtronik, as it is here that we find the most outstanding engineers and the greatest minds to help us develop custom and avant-garde technologies. Contrary to our competitors, we have the resources to ensure the prototyping and management of large volumes of orders in record times. Few companies can boast of such merits!


Memtronik’s new factory is located on Montréal’s South Shore at the following address:

5000 Armand-Frappier Street, Saint-Hubert