The Memtronik team will be heading to the BIOMEDevice expo on April 18th and 19th in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Medical Industry is changing, and its future is smarter, smaller, faster, and more powerful. Recent advancements in sensor technology have allowed forward-thinking businesses to take disciplines like bionics, smart clothing, digital health care, the Internet of Things, and more to a whole new level.

The BIOMEDevice expo is a cornerstone event in the medical field: it promotes the discovery of critical connections and components to further develop innovative products. Memtronik will have the chance to exchange ideas with other industry professionals and showcase their advanced smart printing capabilities.

Will you be there? Come see us at booth #324. Our research and development team can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to.

Are you interested in learning more, but can’t make it to Boston? Contact us – it will be our pleasure to speak with you directly!