From February 7 to 9 2019, our team had the pleasure of joining hundreds of professionals in the restaurant industry at The NAFEM Show in Florida.

As we roamed the aisles of the exhibition hall, we were transported to the future of food preparation and service. Through the lens of our expertise in human-machine interface (HMI) development, here’s what we learned from this experience.

1. Membrane switches and capacitive switches are a great fit for this industry! We confirmed our suspicions with experts in the field of food equipment distribution. This type of keypad is a component of choice for many reasons, including simple maintenance and operability.

In the restaurant industry, for example, kitchen staff must be able to rely on equipment that is easy to use and clean, given the fast-paced nature of their work and the many hygiene standards that must be respected. Membrane switch keypads respond perfectly to all of these needs. Their simplicity allows employees to move quickly, and they are easy to maintain.

2. Combining capacitive switches and membrane switches with touch screens is fair game. Thanks to this tech combo, many equipment providers can offer their clients the best of both worlds. Durable, easy to use, and a gateway to endless possibilities, this solution takes the human-machine experience to the next level.

Many devices, like self-serve vending machines, can also offer clients a positive tech-facing experience, while providing satisfying tactile feedback via the membrane switch keypad.


This year’s edition of The NAFEM Show proved that it is absolutely worthwhile to explore how different solutions on the market can complement each other. Many exhibitors demonstrated their innovative nature and a sensitivity to industry players’ needs. Whether the goal is to top the competition or to simplify cooks’ workflows, the flexibility offered by capacitive switches, membrane switches, and touch screens allows for the creation of solutions that are adapted to client needs.

Beyond technological advancements, the most important thing – in our opinion – is interface usability. We are committed to evaluating your needs and considering all of the elements that come into play when using your product.

If you’re just like us and have tons of exciting projects on your mind, give us a shout! Our design and engineering teams can create the perfect solution to meet your needs.