From March 19 to 21, some of our team members joined more than 2,700 printed electronics enthusiasts for the industry’s most important event: LOPEC

As soon as we set foot inside the venue, we realized how important this type of technology truly is for professionals across the globe! The site was filled to the brim with exhibitors, experts, and curious attendees from 44 different countries.

Over the course of three days, the future of printed electronics was explored via presentations, conferences, and demonstrations. At the heart of this multi-industry gathering, we concluded that advanced electronic circuit printing plays a central role in the product innovation and development process for a wide variety of industries.

The world of medicine, among others, relies heavily on this process to expand its range of possibilities for follow-ups and patient services. Remote data interpretation for information like vital signs and blood tests is the perfect example. With the help of sensors that can be integrated into textiles or smart test strips, it’s easy to precisely monitor the health status of pregnant women, people with heart problems, or athletes who adhere to a rigorous fitness program.

In the food industry, digital packaging is a great way to verify whether a product is safe for consumption, whether it was stored at the right temperature, and whether it has reached its expiration date. This application can help reduce waste while minimizing the risk of contamination or poisoning. 

Automotive was no exception! Sensor integration, artificial intelligence, and flexible displays are all relevant to this industry. Certain manufacturers were even working on designing a type of mirror that automatically prevents glare.

Not only are printed electronics a natural fit for the Internet of Things, but they are also applicable to eco-friendly buildings. This process can increase the performance of technologies that are currently in use while creating a world that is more connected, and above all, safer.

This year, LOPEC provided a fascinating snapshot of what our day-to-day lives might look like in a few years. The Memtronik team is heading back to the office with a wealth of new ideas in mind, and even more enthusiasm about developing projects that use printed electronics.

Want to learn more? We would be happy to answer any questions you might have!

In the meantime, check out this animated video produced by our friends at LOPEC : What are printed electronics?