After visiting Florida last month for The NAFEM Show, some of our team members will now be heading to Germany! Destination: LOPEC, the largest printed electronics event in the world.

For three days, we’ll be setting our membrane switches aside to explore this incredible expo, with more than 150 exhibitors sharing their visions under one roof! LOPEC is a unique event that addresses every step of the development chain, from research to final product.

Therefore, the purpose of this expo is to shed light on a number of industries that have their sights set on electronic printing: materials, manufacturing processes, assembly, packaging, systems integration, inspection, screening…

What kinds of fascinating breakthroughs are we hoping to see at LOPEC? Conductive inks, smart fabrics and labels, flexible screens, ultra-thin heated elements… There are so many innovations at our fingertips that might change our daily lives in the near future!

Printed electronics – a topic we’ve been interested in for a while – have the potential to significantly increase people’s health and safety. They can also make many existing technologies, like electric cars, more efficient!

As you can imagine, our team is incredibly excited to swap ideas with companies that share our vision: we are always on the lookout for ways to do what we do even better!

You can follow our German adventure on social media in the coming days, and until then, contact us if you’re as fascinated by printed electronics as we are!