Capacitive touch keyboards

Go to the next level of efficiency with capacitive touch keyboards that trigger the action at the touch of a finger.

An alternative for your top-of-the-line products

Custom design

Flexible design

Quick time to market

High volume manufacturing

Our capacitive touch keyboards offer you unmatched slimness making them ideal for any application on curved, glass or decorative surfaces.

You can choose from a broad range of alternatives, including embossing and translucent printing, for an enhanced user experience.


The capacitive touch keyboards are versatile and integrate easily with your different tactile screen projects. Thanks to their versatility, the design possibilities are almost endless.

A Multitude of Options

Our graphic overlays are available in different materials: polyester, acrylic, polycarbonate… The backlighting adds to the modernism of these products and enhances the user experience.

Above all – Quality

Our products are of exemplary reliability due to a perfect assembly and the absence of moving parts. They last longer and, just like the membrane switches, they require low maintenance


Put Us to the Test!

Custom graphic overlay, membrane switch, capacitive touch, touch screen overlay or printed electronics… We evaluate your projects quickly.

Looking for a Partner?

Do you have a complex project that needs the involvement of a partner able to deliver a truly personalized product?